Welcome to Whilo. What do you love? - Whilo

Welcome to Whilo. What do you love?


Finding that perfect gift isn’t easy. Or quick. Or guaranteed to be a winner. Which is why we created Whilo. A place to make giving (and getting!) the perfect gift fun and convenient.

Short for “what I love,” Whilo was created to make being thoughtful easy. In our ultra-connected, multi-tasked, crazy busy lives, most of us want to be thoughtful and even try to be thoughtful, but many times we fail (with no lack of effort). Keeping up with events, birthdays, what to send and when to send it – is tough and exhausting. Now there’s a better way.


By taking the guesswork out of gifting (while still maintaining the all-important element of surprise), we are embarking on gifting utopia – where everyone loves what they get without the need to ask or insinuate. And long gone will be the days of awkwardly feigning excitement when you’ve opened yet another pair of polka-dotted socks for your birthday.

Whilo is an app where you curate what you love – we’re only here to make it easy for you to give and get the best gifts possible. Create a list of what you love in Whilo, invite your friends and family to do the same, and then, when a gifting event comes rolling around (don’t worry, we’ll give you ample warning), just check out the person’s list where you can easily browse, select, and buy the perfect gift – every time. It’s that simple.

Download Whilo today to start saving all that you love, and have your favorite people on the planet do the same. Then, save hours upon hours this holiday season shopping from the comfort of your home, with a hot toddy in one hand and your iPhone in the other. Holiday shopping has never been easier.

Happy gifting!

– W. x

PS. If you haven’t yet, please join us today. Download Whilo from the iTunes Store and the Chrome Web Store and stay up-to-date by following us on FacebookInstagram, and twitter.