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Miniature Monuments: Architectural jewelry by AEA


Power move: When in doubt, wear all black and at least one piece of jewelry from AEA – tiny structures of wearable architecture that will instantly innovate your look with a timeless expression and refined individuality.

These stunning statement pieces are handmade in New York City by designer Adrienne Alaimo and her team of highly skilled artisans – distilling a mix of abstract forms and futuristic influences into clean, modern monuments, designed to be worn prominently on their own, or stacked for a bold, architectural feel. The defining aesthetic is strong and feminine – each piece a sculpture in itself – it’s no wonder why AEA is topping our list of favorite things.

Pyramid Ring

This 10k gold ring with a triple band and three hand-cut, rectangular faceted gemstones, is a stunning blend of modern sculpture with a nod to the beauty of the Egyptian pyramids when worn in its peaked form.


Priced at $1,680
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Pierce Cuff

A blending of geometry and unique cut-out forms create a mirrored balance in this modern, deco-esque cuff. Wear it alone or stacked up with your favorite pieces. The opening is slightly adjustable and fits most sizes.


Priced at $2,600
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Dyad Earrings

This must-have new classic is designed at a near right angle, setting two complimentary colored gemstones in tandem to create a beautiful pairing of colors, ending just under the ear lobe. The Dyad earrings unique cut and facet of the gemstones adds a glamorous touch to any look.


Priced at $1,400
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Helix Ring

This timeless, architectural triple band elegantly wraps with AEA’s signature offset defined edge in the center. Due to the design, this ring is slightly adjustable within a size.



Priced at $350
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Modern Ring

An AEA signature piece – this timeless design will define your look with its ultra-modern form and uniquely hand-cut, faceted gemstone, balanced by the inlaid enamel stripe. The Modern ring is beautiful from all angles – a sculpture in itself.


Priced at $1,700
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Twin Peaks Necklace

An elegant sterling silver double diamond pendant set with a pair of hand-cut gemstones in complementary bi-color. Strung on a 17″ total length cable chain with a lobster claw closure.



Priced at $735
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Binary Ring

An elegant, double-banded ring with back cross over detail, the Binary ring sparkles with brilliant pave set precious gemstones.


Priced from $2,060
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Bind Ring

Three 10k gold stacked bands, bound with a contrasting pair of faceted gemstones and a grid cut-out on the bottom adds an extra touch of detail – the Bind ring is a strong yet feminine statement piece with a beautiful pop of color.


Priced at $1,400
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Crown Ring

A regal piece of wearable architecture, the Crown ring features a cast of five hand-cut gemstones set atop the distinct AEA angled form. Beautiful from any view, the structured cage design highlights from all sides.


Priced at $1,900
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Kratos Ring

A sleek ring designed with sequential rectangular cut-outs creating an architectural cage-like effect. Formed to a triangular point, the Kratos ring is a signature AEA style of balanced asymmetry.


Priced at $350
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Dagger Earrings

The dagger earring brings glamor with a sharp edge to any look. The hand-cut, faceted gemstones are set in between two perfectly shaped sterling silver points – a fresh update to the diamond form.


Priced at $1,380
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By Hilary Boyajian

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